• /March 2014

Apollo Fixed

Apollo fixed

Low Speed WIM or Static Axle by Axle Weighing Systems

Integrated High Accuracy Low Speed Weigh-in-Motion System or Static Axle Weighing

Manufactured in Great Britain by VWS APOLLO FIXED® Axle Weighing SYSTEM is a low cost, high spec axle and gross vehicle weigher, either as a static axle weighbridge or for dynamic low speed weighing. The system can be used for check-weighing, for enforcement of vehicle weight limits or overload prevention for transport operators. The electronic weighing controller is encased within a stainless steel enclosure and can either be mounted
directly on an office wall, desk or enclosed in a separate cabinet for external mounting. RS232 and RS485 serial connections are available for connecting a weight ticket printer, a computer and/or external large character weight display.