Your first years warranty is FREE. Vehicle owners/transport managers please complete and submit within 14 days of commissioning. Please call VWS Service on 08458 625 526, if you need any help with your onboard weighing system.

Vehicle owner details

Vehicle details


To activate your Warranty please complete this warranty form and return to VWS within 14 days of your weighing system being commissioned. Failure to do so may invalidate the warranty. Do not delay, activate the warranty today. For any Warranty Issues, please e–mail warranty@vwsltd.co.uk with a brief description of the problem.

  • Ability to complete, save and send electronically to warranty@vwsltd.co.uk
  • Complete, print and send fax to 0118 946 1862
  • Call VWS Service 08458 625 526
  • Complete, print and post to Vehicle Weighing Solutions Ltd. Southview Park,Marsack Street, Caversham, READING RG4 5AF