Description: An Android mobile phone application which enables the weights showing on 350 display to be observed on the mobile phone.

Q1.   How do I connect my phone to the 350 Indicator?

A1.   Run the APP (“IND M350 V2”) on the mobile and press connect button.

Q2.   Why is the APP not connecting? I pressed connect button but the APP will not connect. It shows connecting in the top right corner but then changes to not connected.

A2.   Make sure the following is true:

  1. Indicator is On
  2. The Bluetooth device is fitted to the back of the 350 Indicator.

Q3.   Why is the APP still not connecting? 350 indicator is ON and Bluetooth device is fitted but the APP will still not connect.

A3. The APP is designed to connect to the last connected Bluetooth device. Press the menu icon (bottom left corner of the phone) and select “connect a device” from the pop up options. Select scan for devices and check if your device is listed. If it is, re-select it. If not than the Bluetooth device might be faulty.

Q4.   Why does the batter need charging often?

A4.   The APP uses Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth uses a lot of power which drains the battery quickly. Thus, charging is needed very often. When the APP is not used we recommend exiting the APP and switching off the Bluetooth on the phone.

Q5.   Why is the weights not changing on the mobile?

A5.   Mobile phone Bluetooth distance is limited to approximately 10 meters without obstructions. You are most likely to be out of range, move closer to the 350 Indicator.

Q6.   Why is there no weights showing when the unit is shown as connected?

A6.   Check the 350 Indicator RS232 mode is set to “Scoreboard Format 5” (fmt 5) and that the switch on the LM048 bluetooth device is set to DTE (furthest position from RS232 connector shell).