• /September 2012

Weigh & See


Why run light and waste money? Why run heavy and risk fines? 

VWS will fit your camera system showing weights on the CCTV monitor when we install the VWS bin or under-body weigher.

WEIGH & SEE installations are designed for easy to see high accuracy weighing in rugged conditions. Bulk transport applications; aggregates, quarries, feed delivery, bulk powder and many extreme off-road operations. The VWS high accuracy weigher manages overloads by measuring the payload. The optional body inclinometer offers greater tipping safety on uneven ground.

WEIGH & SEE: RECORD with ENVIROWEIGH is a stand alone system providing individual bin weights whilst displaying a running total of collected weights on a CCTV monitor, helping crews to prevent an overload condition. When a new ENVIROWEIGH bin weighing system is fitted, we offer to fit our four camera video recording system. This device is also integrated into your weighing system, hence Weigh & See: Record.