• /September 2012

Loadweigh CAN – RCV

LOADWEIGH-CAN RCV on-board weigh-er uses the information screen built into the dash of Dennis RCV’s or as a weight display in any other RCV. Provides high accuracy weighing for 2, 3 and 4 axles RCV’s.

  • Front & rear axle weights
  • Net & gross weights
  • Automatic packer plate shut down
  • Factory fit – no cab wiring
  • Diagnostics / linked to VWS modem we can continuously monitor the status of your system

Axle weights are continuously displayed together with net and gross to give comprehensive vehicle weight control. Packer plate cut off is fitted as standard with the option for an audible alarm and/or a ticket print-out.

The Load Weigh CAN RCV is a higher accuracy solution, it enables the operator to see the weight of individual axles gross weight. Full diagnostics are also available on the display. The system is truly digital in that the calibration is stored in the intelligent junction box and in the display. Should one ever need replacing the vehicle does not need re-calibration. The weighing system is compliant to “OWL” and is monitored 24/7. If anything fails or goes out of spec, as long as the truck is in warranty or has a maintenance care we send a engineer to fix it F.O.C, before you even know there is a problem – it'”s like having a VWS service engineer always in the cab. The maintenance/service and data back is usually offered on a fixed cost basis.

The Load Weigh CAN-RCV can also act as a tracking devise sending back weight and location and any over load infringements.

Both new & retro-fit systems can be supplied under a low cost lease rental program over the life of the vehicle, this incorporates service and maintenance and all parts.