• /September 2012

EnviroWeigh – FEL

Pinpoint profits

Where individual bin weights are needed, ENVIROWEIGH (FEL) weighs the contents of FEL bins, ideal for knowing exactly what is collected from each site. Bin RFID (Radio-frequency identification) can be linked, or day/date/time print out or data can be stored or set over air.

The forks are fitted with extremely heavy duty robust load cells (made in GB). As the vehicle lifts the container the whole bin is weighed, the contents are then deposited into the vehicle and the empty bin is weighed on the way down – one weight is taken from the other automatically, this shows the weight collected from that site.

  • Net bin load collected
  • 20 kg increments
  • RFID tag recognition Option
  • 40 tonne capacity loadcells


This information is stored, optionally printed out or sent over the air to your accounts software so invoicing can proceed.

There is also totaling on the devise so the collected total contents can be displayed. This acts as an over land warning alarm for the driver