1)      Bin Weighing

  • Stop Grey Lifts
  • Maximize your profits
  • Stop losing money on waste you are picking up!
    • To know exactly what I pick up and from whom
    • to pin-point any loss making customers/routes
    •  to make sure I don’t lose money on a collection – which helps the collections 75% more efficient

2)      Underbody

  • Protect yourself
  • Protect your o license
  • Protect your truck
  • Protect your axle
  • Reduce overloading
    • To keep legal and not over-loaded
    • To be able to run to maximum efficiency, not under weight or over weight
    • Running accurately saves 17% fuel costs

3)      Axle Weighing

  • VWS offer a free weighing audit – to establish how your vehicles are loaded.
  • Are you vehicles running legally within their permitted axle and gross weights?
  • Protect your operator’s licence – best practice regular weighing of your vehicles to check axle and gross weights.
  • Maximise your load without overloading either individual axles or gross vehicle weights
  • Check weigh your vehicles when leaving the depot to ensure legally loaded and load maximised
  • Protect against excessive ware and tear on vehicles – Brakes, tyres and suspension systems caused by running vehicles overloaded on either individual axles or gross weight
  • Vehicle stability – is your vehicle safe is the load correctly distributed?
  • Protect your Operators Compliance Rating with VOSA
    • To keep axle weights legal
    • To know what I am carrying
    • To check I have the right toll charge made
    • Help VOSA get 700% increase in enforcement in stopping over loaded axles

4)      Vehicle Cameras

    • o To make sure there isn’t a fraudulent insurance claim against me
    • o To make sure my drivers can see all around especially cyclists and pedestrians
    • o To ensure my drivers are doing their job properly
    • o Cut down fraudulent insurance claims by 90%