About Vehicle Weighing Solutions

We design and manufacture our load cells here in the UK to BS ISO9001 at our facility in Reading and have a service hub as well as extensive installation workshops in Chesterfield.

Our weighing systems are highly regarded for accuracy and reliability and are used across a range of sectors, from local authorities and private waste management operators to highways, haulage and quarrying companies.

We also work with vehicle manufacturers, such as Dennis Eagle, to create bespoke on-board weighing solutions.

ENVIROWEIGH – The First Certified Bin Weigher
ENVIROWEIGH is taking the market place by storm and is the first truly British dynamic certified bin-weighing system, providing an unrivalled level of weighing accuracy to 0.5% or better.

High Accuracy On-board Weighing For RCV’s
LOADWEIGH is an on-board weighing system designed specifically for waste & recycling trucks. Designed for high accuracy in the most demanding of environments LOADWEIGH is the first choice for rear and front-end loaders as well as off-road operations.

To find out more about our full range of axle load protection systems and weighing solutions including Skips, Tippers, Pallets and Pay-For-Weight services